Aug 12, 2008

Dancing in the streets of Lavapiés

Last night was the final night for fiestas Lavapiés - a celebration of the barrio's patron saint San Lorenzo. The parties will continue in the neighbouring barrio of La Latina from August 12th - 16th. Las noches prohibidas del paraíso has a detailed schedule of events.

I love the many faces of Lavapiés

Orquesta Tatuaje got people dancing by performing popular Spanish rock and pop. I recognized none of what I heard, but judging from all the singing along I saw, I was definitely one of the few out of this pop culture loop.

Dancing on the street. These people were really into it! It was fantastic. At one point a random guy linked his arm into my arm and swung me around in revelry. Que divertido!


siriooo said...

I miss Lavapies. Great pics.

Shehani said...

Thanks! Lavapies misses you too!

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