Aug 30, 2008

Her wet revenge

It's the golden hour in Almudena Cemetery. We are walking along the lonely main road towards the exit after an afternoon of exploring and taking photos. A bus stops and drops off a Spanish señora in her early 60s. She moves slowly and deliberately into the rows of graves, looking for the headstone she seeks. When she finds it, she pauses to look swiftly around her. My boyfriend, M, and I are 20 meters away and I'm snapping photos of yet another sunlit statue. Satisfied, she returns to her business. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse. Up goes her conservative dress and down her rather liberal panties as she squats and relieves herself. Once unburden, she gets up, adjusts her dress and shuffles back towards the road with a smile, unaware or unconcerned that we've just bore witness to her wet revenge. Slightly scandalized, M and I begin speculating on the motives behind the audacious señora's act. I mean, if she just needed a pee, there's a WC across the street from the bus stop..

What do you, reader, make of this singular and extraordinary event? Does she administer her liquid vengeance every week? every month? Or maybe there's a special Spanish 'piss on your dead enemy' day I don't know about. Just what is the real story behind THIS golden shower?

3 comments: said...

Bwahahaha! If i'd witnessed that i would've laughed my ass off. That's what i'd call "pissin' mad and holdin' a grudge" :o)

bruce said...

it could be a take on the insult "me cago en tus muertos" ... or maybe she believes that urine is the elixir of life .. or rather the restorer of life and if she keeps on squirting, one day her beloved alfonso will burst through the soil, an ammonia-soaked lazarus ready to whisk her off to the land where the rivers flow with sangria and the bushes droop under the weight of jamon fruit

Shehani said...

Shokkou, I bet whoever it was who so pissed her off is real piss sorry now :o

Bruce, I like your fecund romantic interpretation. jamon fruit and sangria rivers.. ahh that's Spanish heaven..

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