Feb 28, 2009

Like a Thief in the Twilight!

The chimney climbing technique is used here to great effect in a narrow Spanish alleyway in Conil. The light and shadows make M appear to be leaping in mid air, like a thief in the twilight!

Feb 27, 2009

Somehow, he lost his head...

This photo is one of the reasons why I love taking indoor pics without the flash. Movement creates random ghostly images. Happy accidents, if you will. Here the man in black in the foreground has lost his head. What really amuses me about this photo is the expression on the woman's face. It's like she is reacting to his head disappearing.
Later in the night, this 'headless' man grilled me as to why I was taking photos without using proper lighting and advised me to learn to use light. Ok buddy, whatever. I know where my head's at when I'm taking photos but judging from this photo he doesn't know where his head is at!

Feb 22, 2009

Carnival Parade in Madrid

Where the traditionally costumed meet giant icons who dance with the macabre, futuristic Geigeresque aliens, prehistoric raptors and gothic dragon riding barbarians.

All photos taken by me on Calle Alcala last night. 

Feb 21, 2009


Captured at a house party last night.

Feb 20, 2009

Flying Nowhere

This enormous skeletal plane perpetually flies over us commuters in Metro Colombia.

I've never been particularly beguiled by this sculpture.. The first time I got off at Colombia, I was struck by how big the plane is and then by how it's crammed into a small pocket ceiling space at a Metro Station that isn't near the airport. Then there's the colour. A neon highlighter yellow. Afraid we'd miss this gigantic dangling plane?

My question is and continues to be, why? Why was it put in Metro Colombia and not Barajas (for example)? Why this shade of day-glo yellow? And why was this plane given no visual space to fly in?

Feb 15, 2009

Feb 14, 2009

A Kiss in Paris

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Blog post # 100

This is my 100th blog post at Mock Moons. This has been an interesting project for me. Mock Moons has given me a space to be creative and to channel my passions. It's helped me to discover other ways to express myself and made the daily grind of earning a living and riding metros less a focus in my everyday life. Blogging has become a part of my meaning making process and I am grateful to everyone who has stopped by and taken an interest in my stuff. Your hands lift up the window shutters and let in a sliver of moonlight into my dark spaces. Thanks.

Feb 13, 2009

Playful pigs make better bacon

I caught these perky piggies, freely frolicking in our barrio butcher shop.

Feb 8, 2009

Alien Encounter in Lavapiés

Captured on Calle Jesus y Maria in Lavapies at 3:45 am this morning...

Feb 6, 2009


Balneario de la Palma on Playa de la Caleta in Cadiz.
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