Jul 7, 2010

Shots from my exhibition at El Gato Verde

Setting up the show on Sunday.
Gato Verde Opening
Gato Verde Opening
Gato Verde Opening
Gato Verde Opening
Me and Gina in front of my street art wall.
Gato Verde Opening
Me, Belen and Pam enjoying the opening party.
Gato Verde Opening
The early crowd. It actually got a lot more crowded than this but by then I was schmoozing and boozing and not thinking of taking photos.
Gato Verde Opening
I got final confirmation of the exhibition Wednesday night and in the following days worked so hard on putting together a show that I couldn't even think about my move to London, let alone be sad about leaving Madrid.

Instead I spent my last few days in Madrid curating, getting my photos print ready, framing, working out logistic installation problems, making labels and worrying about the food. This was a DIY project and very labour intensive. Fortunately, I had a lot of help from my friends. They were amazing and I wouldn't have been able to pull off this show without them. So I humbly thank you, in particular:
Buchanan for the enchufe and acting as my advocate
Belen who was my translator and appetizer-making/installation goddess
Gina who helped me curate and put the prints up and whose endless encouragement was like an angel whispering in my tired ear
Sirio who helped me install the show with meticulous efficiency and invited so many people, he filled my exhibition space with bodies.
my buyers, I won't name you but I thank you for your financial support of my work!
and the guys of El Gato Verde for being lovely and to Quique for making it happen by squeezing me in, in between exhibitions.
Besos to the lot of you!!

I got a lot of really positive feedback and I feel like I'm prepared to have another show again soon. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a success! This was my opening/farewell party and so many of my friends came out to wish me well on my new adventure. It was a wonderful night and a awesome way to leave Madrid - not with a whimper but with a bang!

In the next little while, I'll be doing a revamp of this site since I now live in London and need to widen the scope of my blog. I'm also planning on setting up an etsy shop to sell my prints. So stay tuned, exciting changes are on the way.

Today I went for a lovely walk along the canal - one of London's lesser known beautiful spots. A photo essay is currently in the works.

So for now, cheerio!


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