Jan 17, 2009

Retiro in White

A rare snowstorm in Madrid last Friday turned Retiro into a winter wonderland. While most of these photos don't seem extraordinary winter shots to those of us used to seeing snow, it was quite an unusual sight to see here in Madrid.

Retiro dressed in white.

Madrileños flocked to the park to enjoy the snow. Snowball fights spontaneously broke out everywhere..

All photos taken by me.

It was a beautiful snow day and one of the heaviest snowfalls in decades. In fact, my neighbour told me that she hasn't seen snow like this since her 35 year-old daughter was a small girl. The sweet dear warned me to be careful outside and I reminded her that I am Canadian and thus used to such weather. I dug out my boots with Vibram soles from deep in my closet and was good to go.

While the snowstorm caused chaos for cars, buses, planes and trains, for those of us who were able to avoid the traffic woes, it was a magical day of romantic walks in snowy lanes, snowmen, and snowball fights with friends.

Next time, I'll post photos of some of the snowball fights I captured in Lavapies.

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