Aug 25, 2008

He likes to watch

Parque del Buen Retiro (located in the city centre) is the most popular park in Madrid. It's a welcome shade for the sun weary and a favorite make-out spot for the young and not so young Spanish who still live at home with madre y padre. Couples rollick and wrestle, cuddle and caress on the soft grass as if no one else in the world exists... but alas other people do exist and some like to watch. Like this man. He wanders around the park and gets as close as he can to a lip-locking couple then he watches them until he is noticed. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes. Once spotted he moves on to the next couple who catch his eye. My boyfriend and I experimented with this. We began furiously making out in order to attract his attention and it didn't take him long to see us and wander over with the slyness of a polar bear on the hunt.

This pesky voyeur is very attentive so it was difficult to catch him in action without a camera with super zoom. Still I managed but as someone pointed out to me recently, taking a photo of a peeping perv kinda makes me a perv too. Doh!
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