Aug 14, 2009

Mid-week day trip to Chinchón

As we walked into the town we were greeted by a couple local big heads. The men attending the heads were disarmingly friendly and accommodating.
The clock tower
Chinchón's famed rounded and green balconied Plaza Mayor with a bullring installed centre stage in time for the fiesta.

Photos of matadores and bullfights lined the walls of the restaurant where we enjoyed a meal of chulettas de cordero - a rustic lamb stew.
The portico walk way surrounding the plaza.
An old door in the plaza.
Chilies, corn and garlic hanging in a quaint shop that seemed to belong to another time.

Local señora selling produce on the street.
An entrance mural to a restaurant.
Vista of the town's tile rooftops and a castle in ruins on the hill.

All photos taken by me.

Chinchón is a medieval town 50 km southeast of Madrid. Goya and Orson Welles both loved the place. Goya spent time painting here and Welles filmed scenes from Chimes at Midnight and The Immortal Story in the town. Word has it that Welles liked to have his anis shots in the morning with the locals, and enjoyed the food and the bullfights. Chinchón is well-known for its Anis (aniseed liqueur) which, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to sample. Ahhh, next time. Chinchón is a popular excursion for Madrileños who want to spend the day strolling and having a traditional lunch and I can see why - it is a friendly and pleasant place with plenty of rustic charm.


Te said...

Wow, those photos are gorgeous. I want to go there, now! Do you think the people who live in those little villages become immune to how amazing their surroundings are? Like when you meet an amazingly gorgeous person, after you've been friends with them for years you forget how gorgeous they are and they're just another person to you...

Shehani said...

Thanks Te! I think these villagers have some idea how pretty their village is... I'll bet they're proud... and if they forget, i'm sure the hordes of tourists who descend upon their village remind them. Like maybe you've forgotten that your gorgeous friend is gorgeous but if you walk down the street with them and see the amorous attention they're getting from strangers, you'll remember...

but you're right. we tend to get used to seeing people and places and then we stop noticing their beauty, which is a pity. we should make an effort to always see our backyard with fresh eyes.

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