Sep 1, 2008

The street ran red

One of the pleasures of living in big cities is stumbling upon events by accident. On our way home from Retiro Park yesterday, M and I saw signs for The Human Race 10k. Paseo del Prado was closed off to traffic and spectators were beginning to gather so we hung around to see what was up. First a trickle then a torrent of jogging red shirts poured down Calle de Claudio Moyano and spilled into Paseo del Prado. What a spectacle! Thousands of Spaniards running but no bulls in sight! It was quite the advertising coup for Nike! What we witnessed was Madrid's participation in the world’s largest running event. 25 cities around the world and over one million people of all ages ran the 10-kilometre race to celebrate runners and their sport. Wow. I also loved that not everyone wore their Nike red tee but as you can see, most did and the effect was mesmerizing.

2 comments: said...

thats quite impressive!
red is good.

Shehani said...

thanks! red is good :) and it was amazing to see.

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