Jul 29, 2008

Status Update

Well, this is post #13 and day 12 of my creative blog project. Inspired by Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg, my goal is to post daily for at least 30 days. So far I'm drawing many blanks and find I have less and less to write. Shame. This exercise was meant to prime the pump not dry out the well. Where are all my ideas? Do I need to get more personal and blog about my mundane affairs? ...like today I bought some flat peaches, bananas and grapes at one of the local fruterías up Calle Santa Fe and along the way various men signaled their approval of my summer dress by ogling and calling me "guapa".. I usually ignore these catcalls as they are a cultural pastime like watching football or botellóns (drinking on the street).

I could also whine about the lack of summer jobs and how I'm melting in my piso from the heat. I could fret about the economic crisis and the tightening of the Spanish belt and how that will play out or not pay out in the local TEFL market come September. I could also admit that I am focusing on posting daily as a way of diverting my obsessive mind away from my current unemployment and the worry that accompanies these skint months... but that's dwelling on the negatives and I'd rather project some light. Is that wrong-headed? Would readers prefer rants and whines to pretty photos and great quotes? That's saying I have readers, which I distinctly doubt. The silence is deafening.

So then I must come back to blogging daily for it's own sake. No audience. No pressure. Just me and my laptop squirting out words and photos into cyberspace.


Kami said...

Rants and whines are pictures in their own right/light. I tend to enjoy the lush and the macabre. Your photos put on a beautiful play with light. Sometimes the sky is everything, sometimes blinding, sometimes dappling. Sometimes the sky is nothing at all, making the something everything else. Thank-you, you are a pleasing place to rest my eyes.

Shehani said...

Thank you Kami for lighting up my day with your beautiful words.

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