Jul 24, 2008

Sword fighting on the Streets of Madrid

Yesterday I infiltrated a private walking tour in Madrid. It was accidental. My boyfriend, Mark was playing Malatesta in what I thought was a simple public street performance. Turns out it was part of an elaborate and private guided tour with dramatized scenes inspired by The Adventures of Captain Alatriste - the bestselling series of novels written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

The guided tour wanders through old Madrid while the actors lay in wait for their moment. I missed my chance to join the tour at the start so figured I'd join them later. When Mark's first scene was over, I followed the audience and was called out by the tour guide for not being part of the group. I had to explain that I was with the actor and that I was to continue on with them until the duel scene. She accepted that, more or less. Talk about feeling like a party-crasher...

The audience consisted of a bunch of rich, tanned Americans, a couple nerdy single ladies, and an Indian fellow. They seemed rather bored with the walking tour portion and the guide's imperfect English and stiffness seemed only to bore them more. The performances punctuated the tour with some flair and much needed humor along the long walk under the hot Spanish sun. Once the theater portion was over and the duels had been fought, I presented Mark with a fake pink rose and followed the tour no more.


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