Sep 3, 2008

Face of fear

"Our faces of fear". Taken in Granada. I feel a little like this face at the moment so I decided to be dramatic and post this photo.


Anonymous said...


I found your blog the other day.I'm an EFL teacher in Madrid with a love of photography,and the person most dear to me suffers from depression too.

Keep writing and posting your photos,I love your work.

Shehani said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me such an encouraging comment! I hope your friend is finding ways to cope and heal.

You're also here teaching English.. excellent.. how are you finding the TEFL market this school year?

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

This is my 3rd year here-I arrived in Spain about 2 weeks before you-and the market hasn't changed much this year from what I've found.90% of my classes are in-company like you and only one of my employers I have spoken to(I am freelance) has said that their main contract has put students together in groups rather than 1-1s to reduce contact hours.

Does music help with your depression? Even meditating on the words? eg "Land of Hope and Dreams"(Springsteen),the words in this give me encouragement when I'm feeling down.

See you back here soon!

Shehani said...

Hi, I guess I'm not as lucky as the last two years.. so I'm panicking. plus I know of other teachers who lost classes because of budget cuts.. but I'll hang tight. see what happens.

As for music helping my depression, yes, I find it totally helps. I have a collection of Japanese flute music which I find soothing. The Baraka soundtrack is one of my favorites. I meditate on statements/mantras/incantations whatever you want to call them every day as part of my centering practice. And of course, sometimes I need to crank the volume and dance away my blues. Exercise helps but I don't do it often enough...

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