Oct 21, 2008

flying tree?

What pagan witch's ritual inspired this winged tree in Retiro Park? So deliberate was its feathering that I wondered what magic took flight.. perhaps these feathers sprouted from bark in a leap of plant/animal cross pollination. 

An evolutionary leap? wizardry? or mere park art?


clarissa said...

Hi! I'm brand new here. I used to live on c/ Dr. Piga 19. Right next door to and above Cafe Ruiz (which might formally be on c/ argumosa). I loved that neighbourhood. I miss it. I like your photos. Hope the autumn is coming in gently. besos, clarissa

Shehani said...

Hey Clarissa! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like my photos :) Lavapies is an awesome barrio. I love it too despite its problems. Fall is here, no doubt about it.. So are the rains, flus and colds. Wednesday was a solid day of endless rain but today the sun is back :)

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