Jan 24, 2009

Bar FM

Located on Olmo Street in Lavapiés you will find this cozy grandpa rustic bar, which boasts some surprising and eclectic ornamentation, such as, a painted folk-art rendition of a beefcake Adonis, calabashes dangling from the rafters, a large b&w poster of a 1950s biker and African wire figurines.

Featured with a spotlight, 1980s pop sex goddess, Samantha Fox, coyly beckons us to touch her.

The charming abuelo owner serves delicious jamon and cheese plates as tapas.

And adorable Luna is always nearby with her pleading eyes, begging for a little jamon.

So the next time you happen to be wandering around Lavapiés and feel in the mood for a uniquely decorated bar to have a caña or two, check out Bar FM.


Sirio said...

Absolutely, what a cool place that is. If I only had money to waste I'd go in more often.

Shehani said...

I know what you mean...

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