Jan 5, 2009

A Civil War Bunker on the Beach

Christmas day happened to be a rare windless day in Conil so we took a long walk along the beach from Playa los Bateles north towards Playa El Roqueo. Here we were pleasantly surprised to find a stone bunker from the 1936 Spanish Civil War.

View from the inside...

All these photos were taken by me.

Conil de la Frontera has around 19,000 inhabitants and six beaches: Playa La Fontanilla, Playa El Roqueo (location of the 1936 Civil War bunker seen above), Playa Fuente del Gallo, Playa Punta Lejos, Playa Cala Del Aceite and Playa los Bateles. Playa los Bateles, the beach which we overlooked from our holiday apartment, is the longest and the most popular in the summer.

For more photos from this beautiful paradise, stay tuned.

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Sirio said...

Nice beach. Bunkers are cool, no funny smells in there? Caves and bunkers and the like attract certain activities...

Shehani said...

Ha ha.. the bunker floor was freshly sanded though still littered with garbage. I shudder to think what lies under the sand... but it didn't smell bad or anything.. maybe that's because it was winter and off season..

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