Jan 18, 2009

Snowball fights in Lavapies

Last week's snowstorm caused many fights to breakout all over my barrio, Lavapies. Locals (young and old) collected what snow they could from car hoods and began flinging it at their friends.

All photos taken by me.

From what I could tell as I wandered through the barrio with my camera, there were no casualties from any of this friendly fire.

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Ken said...

awesome photos! Thanks! Loved the snow King and Queen.


Shehani said...

Thanks Ken, I really appreciate your comment!! It's just the kind of thing I needed to hear today :-)

hope you are well!! xox

Mantra Train said...

I remember this day.
And I miss it so much. I miss Lavapies and Madrid all together...

I would like to write post on my blog (mantratrain.net) and would like to use your pics. Would you agree ? I will attach link to your blog to give you a credit

Pls let me know

Shehani said...

Sure! As long as you link back to me AND give me credit for my photos, I have no problem with you using them on your blog :)

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