Feb 15, 2009

Grave Robber

Captured in Almudena Cemetery, Madrid


andrew said...

Love your posts. I can associate with many of your thoughts. I have walked with depression for 25 years and recently had a major depressive crash.
I am on strong medication but cannot work and feel a shadow of my former self. Although I have three degrees including a doctorate
I now do not feel like I have the ability to do anything worthwhile.
Depression now defines me, I have come to accept that. In the past I have fought against it, but each time it just comes back,
and knocks me to my knees. The more I fight against it, the harder it finally knocks me down.
Now I guess after 25 years and two major 'nervous breakdowns' I just have to accept that it is part of me and controls my life.
If I battle against it, as is my character trait, then I just seem to fall further and be more affected when it finally beats me.
I hope I feel better soon, but wanted you to know I am following your posts.
All the best

Shehani said...

Thanks for stopping by and giving me some love. I'm glad you enjoy my posts and I really hope you feel better soon. Have you ever tried mindful meditation in addition to medication? Here are some links to articles I've found interesting:

An interview:

Oxford University Research:

I have been coping with depression for half my life and I too have found that the more you "fight" the more the illness fights back. So I've started trying approaches more akin to Jujutsu than boxing.. Mindful meditation is one of my techniques and I find it really does help..

peace be with you

Lesley said...

I love love LOVE this pic. It reminds me of Peter Pan trying to capture his shadow.

Shehani said...

Thanks for the love Lesley!!

Peter Pan trying to capture his shadow. Good call!

Shehani said...

Bad Call!

Shehani said...

NO good call.. that last comment was from Peter Pan, himself..logged on as ME! :)

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