Mar 7, 2009

Lavapiés Cows

There is currently an exhibition of cows in Madrid. The CowParade has been to many cities world wide. In fact, I've seen similar projects in Canada, bison on parade in Edmonton, life-size bovine in Calgary and bears in Winnipeg.
These two are my barrio cows. They are moved into different random positions in the plaza every few days by unknown hands but this is my favorite position yet. Vacas mona en amor. I've heard rumors that there used to be 3 cows in the plaza, but one was stolen the first day and later beheaded as a wall trophy. But this isn't the true story. The real story is that  'Albertina Pinturina' the cow on the bottom, was unbolted and stolen but a barrio local saw the thieves in action and followed them. The police were called the next day and 'Albertina Pinturina' was rescued from the thieves' apartment, head intact.

Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

There are some pretty strange things out there and the number of cows alone is surprising in itself, I've even seen them on private property. I'm sure that this sort of stuff helps keep people happy...

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