Mar 26, 2009

Spring Blossom

I took this on Sunny Sunday in Retiro.

I'm finally getting the chance to see Paris in the spring... I'm going to Paris for the weekend so I won't be around to post new photos and whatnots but I'll be back blogging next weekend.  My brother and I are staying in Montmartre and I'm really looking forward to wandering around this Parisian village. The forecast calls for rain so I also hope to spend some time visiting the Museum D'orsay. 

So stay tuned for my view of Paris.

Au revoir!


Anonymous said...

Hope France is French, Paris posh and the days dry.

I love flowers in Spring, particularly on trees.

Looking forward to the new pics.

Shehani said...

Oui, France was indeed French except for the throngs of Americans, Spanish and Brits clogging up the Parisian tourist centres. I love Paris. It's weather is as moody and temperamental as a new lover. rain. sun. rain. sun. clouds. more sun. then rain. then sun again...
I'll post more pics soon!

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