Apr 26, 2009

Wandering Musée d'Orsay: Art that Caught My Eye

Here's a small photo selection of random art that I found remarkable at Musée d'Orsay:

Georges Lacombe: Isis. Whoa! What an incredibly powerful image.

Vincent Van Gogh: La méridienne. Rich textures of paint that can really only be fully appreciated when seen in person.

Camille Pissarro: Entrée du village de Voisins. I was charmed by the stunning photo realism. It made me want to walk down this road.

Pierre Auguste Renoir: La balançoire

Pierre Auguste Renoir: Bal du moulin de la Galette. The dappled light in these two paintings were astonishing in person. It was something I had never noticed before in the photos I've seen of these paintings in books.

Georges Rochegrosse: Le Chevalier aux Fleurs. 1894. This gigantic painting made me laugh. It made me think of Jung and how much we project our own reflection onto our symbolic ideal mates.

Winslow Homer: Nuit d'été. The use of light and dark in this painting evoked in me a great sense of tension, drama and foreboding. 

François-Rupert Carabin, Albert Gabriel Servat: Bibliothèque. This is my favorite piece of furniture on display. Wow. Can't go wrong with a surreal totem of carved faces as an ornate cabinet facade. 

Maurice Denis: Les muses. These ladies just inspire me.

All these photos were taken by me while wandering around Musée d'Orsay.


Craig said...

Thanks for sharing!

Shehani said...


Melinda said...

Just came back from there and was VERY disappointed that photographs are no longer allowed at all, flash or not. Was glad to see a pic of Carabin's Biblioteque...a truly remarkable piece. Nice shots! Only wish I could have taken some...

Shehani said...

Oh damn, Melinda, that's too bad. Makes me all the more happy I took my photos. Although, just experiencing the museum and the art work is pretty amazing too. I love d'Orsay. Thanks for stopping by.

Cristina said...

Im just back from Orsay, Lacombe thrilled me to the bone, His "l'éxistence" series got me speachless for an hour :) currently preparing a blog entry and a facebook site about him

congrats for your site :)

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