May 22, 2009

Going down the well and reemerging with a rebirth of wonder

In Sintra, Portugal there is a magical place called Quinta da Regaleira. Here you'll find a hidden entrance to an Initiation Well, which has a dark and mysterious passage leading to unknown places.

Descend half way down and you'll emerge at the Guardian's Entrance, which is nestled in dense foliage. 

Descend deeper and you'll emerge at the waterfall and lake with stepping stones and carp swimming in its murky waters.

The last exit will take you to the Unfinished Well, a rustic stone rebirth canal that delivers you back into the world.

All these photos were taken by me in Sintra, Portugal during a journey that not only thrilled and delighted me, it more importantly reawakened in me a rebirth of wonder. 

This well is a physical representation of a very old psychological process, a mythological journey into the underworld and the bringing back of hidden treasure. And what better treasure than a renewed sense of inspired wonder. It's brighter than all the gold and jewels in the world because it shines light into the dark corners of the soul. This experience is an essential part in the journey of the depressed mind and a reminder not to dwell in the darkness but instead to seek the light for during the journey to the surface, you will discover the very treasure you are seeking. At least this is how the journey has been for me. Have you had similar journeys? When was the last time you experienced a rebirth of wonder?

Happy Friday!


NZ said...

Hey there, just been to Sintra myself, unfortunately, we didn't make it into the Quinta de Regaleria. Seeing your pics, I wish we had ...

Shehani said...

Hola NZ! That's too bad you didn't get a chance to experience the magic. Next time? I was fortunate, a friend of mine visited Quinta da Regaleria and told me about this well so it was #1 on my list of things to see in Sintra.

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