May 31, 2009

The mountains: the flowers, the sun, the rain, the hail, then sun returns

We took the little train
and got off here.
The skies were blues and the clouds were fluffy
so we stopped to admire the walls
and the flowers.

But after a couple hours the sky got darker...
And then the sky rumbled with thunder. We had just arrived at our favorite hilltop spot when fat drops fell on us, followed by a drizzle that turned into rain that then turned into hail, which pelted us as we hid under leafy oaks. I wrapped a plastic bag around my head. M did a rain rave dance to keep warm. After 20 minutes, M ran off to scout for a big enough rock ledge to squat under and found one so we rushed off to our new refuge to wait out the rain. Another 15 minutes passed before the rain waned and the sun returned.

We hung our shirts out to dry
and I did a sun dance.

All these photos were taken by me on our mountain hike in the Madrid sierra yesterday.


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