Jul 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day, Eh!

Dear Canada,

Today while reading these love letters to you, I missed your faces, your curves, your diverse foliage, your canoes, your loons, your multicultural acceptance of everyone who adopts you. I longed for the ease in which I can communicate with the average Joe - so different from the floundering I do here in an attempt to get the average Jose to understand me. I was reminded how much I identify with your cultural values, your inclusive pluralism. I am tremendously proud to be canoe-loving, poutine-eating Canadian and today I am a little homesick for your wide open spaces... with distance, passion grows more sentimental and this love letter is a rosy goggled melody sung by an expat who is far from the place they call home. But my adventures abroad continues so for now I can only send you besos upon besitos and toast to your health.

Yours true, strong and free,


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