Jul 25, 2009

I never think about it

Photo collage by me.

Yesterday I worked on a collage for 2 hours and forgot the mantra of 'save and save often'. So of course, the program crashed as I was putting on a finishing touch. In an inopportune instant, my work disappeared into the scrambled bit and bytes, 1s and 0s of my computer's memory. I tried to look for it but couldn't find any temp files. So today, I began anew, freshly inspired by images I've seen online and research I've been doing on the interaction between images and words. I'm really pleased with this collage, I like it better than the one I lost. So maybe it's a creative godsend that my previous collage vanished so I could create this one from the wisps.

This month has been a hard patch for goodbyes. In fact, I'm going to yet another farewell party of two good friends tonight. Friends and a lover have moved or are moving on to new adventures and so I fluctuate between staying in the now and being flooded by memories of days gone by. Nostalgia is creeping in from the corners of my mind...

Buen viajes mis amigos... you will be remembered and missed.


sirio said...

Nostalgia is like sticky goo.


Shehani said...

sure is, bittersweet goo. no worries though, i've got anti-nostalgia gear and anti-dwell potions. so it's all good :)

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