Aug 29, 2009

Something i need to work on

Photo collage by me. i've been discovering patterns that hurt me and i've decided it's time to do something about it so i've taken the plunge into lectures and articles on breaking unhealthy behavior patterns. more on this topic later.

So this is what i've been spending my afternoon doing - making collages instead of packing up my stuff. "packing?" you say. yes, packing because i've finally found a home. pheeeew and woohoo! i'm moving back to the street i left 2 months ago. it's like the rental gods (after bountiful sacrifices and offerings) have decided in their infinite wisdom to allow me to return after a period of exile. i'll share more about my new place and the adventures i had in my relentless search once i've settled in and have more time to string together a narrative.

happy weekend!


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