Jan 22, 2010

Invoking the ghosts

invoking the ghosts
Photography by Shehani Kay. Taken in Cafe Barbieri on Calle Ave Maria 45.

Despite its notoriety for poor service and overpriced beverages, Cafe Barbieri's ambience, flourishes of art nouveau, moldings, high ceilings and antique mirrored walls, makes this spot an inspiring place to write or read or hangout with friends.

There's a haunted ghostly feel about the cafe at night. The stopped clock and abandoned piano remind me of Miss Havisham from Dicken's Great Expectations.

I tried to invoke the ghosts in this photo, to capture its spirit and freeze the moment into timeless nostalgia. My hope is that I succeeded in some small measure.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Te said...

Very eerie. I'm heading to Madrid again this weekend, I might have to try to find thing place.

I've wanted to ask you how you survive in Madrid financially. Andalucía is pretty cheap so I always have enough pay left over for going out, shopping and small trips. But I know from experience rent in Madrid is about double what it is here and transport costs add up, so how does a teacher do it? You can email me if you don't want to answer here thatwassubtle@gmail.com ;)

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