Jan 7, 2010

Sights that caught my eye along the playas

From Mojacar Pueblo we walked down the hill to Mojacar playa, which has a pretty promenade on the beach near the Indalo Hotel. There are loads of bars and restaurants in this area but nothing particularly memorable except for...

The cats of Mojacar Playa! There sure were a lot of them.
The Cats of Mojacar Playa

From Mojacar Playa we took a short bus ride to Vera Playa
Vera Playa
Here are 2 views of the white apartments that face the beach.
Vera Playa
Vera Playa
There isn't a lot of quality street art in this area so it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon this excellent piece.
Vera Playa
I was smitten with this street-cleaner because, for some reason, it reminded me of Wall-E.
Vera Playa

From Vera Playa we walked to Garrucha, a biggish small town with a lovely promenade and according to the lady in the cafe who served us, not much else. The town is safe and bikes aren't locked up. I couldn't decide which bike photo I like more so I posted both.
Fishing is popular on this rocky pier.
All photos by Shehani Kay

We sat here watching the sea and soaking up the rays for a while. This was the only full day of sun we had all week. So much for Almeria being the driest region in Spain... No place was immune to the bad weather that beat down on Europe. This was the wettest December in Andalucía for 50 years!

As I write this, it's snowing in Madrid. How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


Te said...

Great photos. You were smart to go somewhere warm-ish for Christmas. I have wanted to go to Almeria for a while now, hopefully I will make it before the end of my contract here. I'm even more enthused after looking at your photos. The village doesn't look like a typical tourist place, is that why you and your brother decided to go there?

This was my first taste of European winter, Oh. My. God. Next Christmas I will definitely go somewhere warm rather than Belgium and the Netherlands. I was in Madrid for NYE, freeezing, although there were so many people jammed into Sol there was a decent amount of body heat, despite being constantly dry humped.

It was -2 down here last night, I think the locals thought the end had come. Our flat doesn't have heating so it was a rough evening. Luckily during the day it's still sunny and around 8 or 9 degrees. Hmm, yeah, sure you didn't want an essay on Andalucían weather.

Shehani said...

Thanks Te!
Mojacar is a very touristy place in the late spring to early fall. Full of visiting Brits. In winter it's a popular spot for snowbirds from the UK and Ireland. We chose it because we wanted a pretty white village near the beach to chill out in but we didn't know it would be so chilly and wet this year! >.<

Yeah, xmas holidays are better spent somewhere warmer... glad you enjoyed Sol despite the humping! We watched the countdown on tv and ate 12 pieces of fruit in the warmth of my apartment then we hit the bars.

As for your weather report... well i did ask for it :p

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