Feb 28, 2010

a blacksmith, brew and spirit

a blacksmith, brew and spirit
Detail of window display + reflection: La Fontana de Oro on Calle de la Victoria, 1 in Madrid.

This Guinness Official Irish pub, which serves a variety of Irish beer and spirits, is housed in one of the oldest taverns in Madrid. Legend has it that this pub may also be home to spirits of a more elusive nature than whiskey. The decor is mix of antique dark wood, Celtic flourishes, medieval doodads, dusty bottles, pool table, barrels and a dangling disco ball.

In the past the tavern has been a hotspot for Spanish intellectuals and the Spanish writer, Benito Perez Galdós (1843- 1920) was even inspired to set his first novel (La Fontana de Oro) in this pub.

Photography by Shehani Kay. Scratchy texture by les brumes


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