Mar 27, 2010

Photo Essay: Quick Peeks, a trip from Córdoba to Sevilla

Córdoban path
Courtyard in Córdoba
patio in Córdoba in winter
birds in a checkered square in Córdoba
street in Córdoba
patio in Córdoba
A tourist and a very persistent gypsy beggar. These gypsies were ubiquitous!
Córdoba. a tourist and a very persistent gypsy beggar.
A horse with tassels and bells in front of his carriage.
nice horsey
Córdoba is a wonderful city to just wander around, explore and peep into people's verdant patios.

On the road from Córdoba to Sevilla:
el toro from the car

Bursting and fragrant with oranges
Notice how the horses and carriages here are posh compared to the rustic ones in Córdoba.

Views from the cathedral:
vista of Sevilla
vista of Sevilla
Jardines de Murillo
Large man-eating tree in Sevilla
Plaza de España

gypsy wedding party in Plaza España, Sevilla.

A night of Flamenco

All photography by Shehani Kay, taken in January 2008 on an extended weekend road trip.


hotel bedding said...

Great photos - I especially love the architectural shots :)

Shehani said...

Thanks HB! They are incredibly beautiful places, filled with wonderful old architecture!

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