Mar 11, 2010

Window Paintings

Window Painting I
Window Painting II
Reflections from the windows on the BBVA building on Paseo de la Castellana. The reflections look like impressionist paintings to me. For some reason the trees remind me of Camille Pissarro's work.

I teach a couple classes in the Picasso Plaza area and I decided it was high time I captured a different part of Madrid so I've been taking my camera along with me. I took a bunch of photos of views from a window on the 21st floor of Torre Picasso, some reflections shots off a gleaming silver sculpture and architectural type photos. I'll share these with you over the next few blog posts.

All photography by Shehani Kay


crumpet0552 said...

Pissarro? More like El Greco!

Shehani said...

Really, you think so. When I think of El Greco I think of religious scenes. Why do you say El Greco? The window reflections remind me of Pissarro's Paris paintings - well, at least the trees do... and the colours remind me of Entrée du village de Voisins. Anyway, just my impression of a reflection :)

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