May 20, 2010

A sip of Cuban spirit

Negra Tomasa's various Cuban dolls
Negra Tomasa 1
Negra Tomasa 2
Negra Tomasa 3
Negra Tomasa 4
Negra Tomasa 5
Negra Tomasa 6
Negra Tomasa 7
The Priestess joins the band on stage
Negra Tomasa 8
Negra Tomasa 9
My first night flitting across the dance floor of Negra Tomasa left me with a keen desire to learn how to salsa for real. I mean, let's face it, salsa dancing is like sex with your clothes on with multiple partners and no bad hangover and awkward goodbyes the next morning... well, unless the dancing continues at home, that is. I can fake a salsa but there's no comparison to knowing the steps. My first night, I found my dance card quickly filled up with skilled and buff partners whom I simply followed to great success. What fun I had, laughing and dancing to a live Cuban band until 5 am.

My mistake was letting my friend convince me to go back a second weekend in a row. My usual rule is, if you had an amazing time at a bar/disco, for god's sake, don't go back the next weekend unless you want to feel the keen slap of disappointment. Slap. My second night reminded me of the importance of having a dance partner who can lead you properly and well. I found my dance card filled by one eager man from Ghana who was a relentless over-complimenter.
"You are so beautiful."
"Has anyone told you, you look African because your lips are so plump?"
"Umm... yes." (it was Grade 8 and I think that mean little boy was trying to hurt my feelings)
"You are the best dancer here."
"Umm.. er... thanks.."
This last obviously coy lie made me very wary of the night ahead so my friend and I quickly escaped to home sweet home alone but not before some random Spaniard twirled me and kissed me on my forehead on my way out the door.

Ahhh Negra Tomasa, you are a capricious and promiscuous lady.

Calle de Cádiz, 9
cover=10€ which includes a mojito
915 235 830

All photography by Shehani Kay


Anonymous said...

you will have to try a third time then. jejje, would love to dance again.

Shehani said...

LOL.. vale. venga!

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