Jun 9, 2010

Jesterday: a photo essay of a guerilla video shoot

We recorded a song based on the tune of Lady Gaga's Poker face a couple weeks ago. My buddy Alex wrote the lyrics and sang the main part. I sang the chorus and the ooh oooh bits. Last Saturday, our crew of 7 took to the streets of Madrid and shot the video guerilla stylee with no permits, just sweat, will power, a camcorder, a tripod, an mp3 version of our song, some portable speakers and a whole lot of laughter.
Here's a little video I made with some of my photos:

On the streets of Lavapies.

We had a chase scene through Plaza Mayor.

The befuddling at the fountain outside Plaza Mayor
Obviously we attracted a lot of stares. We were very entertaining for the locals for sure, who stopped to gawk at us, but we were also an attraction for a couple of tourists who watched us from their taxi for 20 minutes!

Oooooh what silly fun we had. Once the video has been edited, I'll post the link!


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