Jul 14, 2010

Princess Louise on Holborn, the Alhambra of London Pubs

The Princess Louise on High Holborn Street, Holborn has an interior dating to the late 19th Century. This is a genuine high style Victorian pub with splendid plaster cast ceilings, fine ceramic tiles, ornate glass partitions and opulent mirrors. It's the Alhambra of pubs, with every inch decorated in elaborate detail, even the floor. The long dark wooden bar is surrounded by "private booths" where you and your friends can enjoy a conversation. We came in for our pint of bitter shortly after lunch so we had our pick of booths as the place was empty. Lucky us, as this pub gets very crowded during peak hours.
Prince Louise Pub in London
Prince Louise Pub in London
Prince Louise Pub in London
Prince Louise Pub in London
If you have a taste for plush and sumptuous decor that teeters on ostentatious, as I have, then this pub is not to be missed.

All photography by Shehani Kay


crumpet0552 said...

Perfect timing! A Spanish friend of mine is going to London for the first time next month, and wanted me to recommend unusual and eccentric things. Now I can add this pub to the list!
And if you want another wonderful London pub, try The Black Friar, on the north end of Blackfriars Bridge, near to being my local. It is a very rare example of English Art Nouveau (-ish, with touches of Arts and Crafts), with panels of monks and mediaeval characters on the walls. Enjoy!

Shehani said...

Hey, the Black Friar sounds like another must visit for a 'look see' and pint. Thanks for the tip!

Laureen said...

Hey, the Blackfriar is right next to my work if you go there Mon-Wed. Let me know if you're in the area!

Shehani said...

will do!

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