Aug 22, 2010

Guest blogging over at Gypsy Girl's Guide

Today over at the Gypsy Girl's Guide I write about my move to London from Madrid, my tactics for coping and how I quieten the uncertainty with unexpected magic.

For those you not familiar with GGG, it's a wonderful resource and inspirational site for bohemian women with a passion for travel. I'm currently doing an internship over there, resizing images, researching, editing content, putting up & scheduling posts, and liaising with contributors. Alessandra, the original gypsy girl's guider, has gathered a formidable tribe of talented and interesting women around the globe. It's an awesome community and I recommend you have a visit.

love on the wall


Shane said...

Those are fantastic graffitis,nice share.
I'll tell my wife about GGG, she will sure love it!

Shehani said...


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