Oct 30, 2010

Brockley Murals

Brockley Murals ~ Coulgate Street
Brockley Murals ~ Coulgate Street
Brockley Murals ~ Coulgate Street
Just outside Brockley station these three murals sung to my eyes and whispered stories into my ears. There are four panels but only these three excited me with tales of the city, real and surreal. These murals were commissioned by the Brockley Cross Action Group and painted by Louis Henry in 2004.

This mural below by Getliffe sits on a wall nearby the other murals. I included it in today's collection because it just so succinctly expresses the the way I feel today...
Brockley Murals ~ Getliffe

Tonight, I don my halloween costume (Ringu girl) and venture out into the dark night. I'm going to a warehouse party in Shoreditch and I plan to be trigger happy with my camera. I hear there's a swing in the living room! My imagination abounds with cinematic scenes.

So happy Hallow's Eve my dear readers, trick or treat and all that. See you all where things go bump in the night. xoxo


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