Oct 7, 2010

Fearless tho in pain, I travel on

First Book of Urizen pl. 21
Fearless tho in pain / I travel on
First Book of Urizen pl. 21 1796, circa 1818

I've pulled out my dreams and schemes from up my sleeves and deep in my pockets and thrown them at the wind in the trees. I've watched them deflate & dissipate into the night air, stealing the trees in their wake. What's left on this rocky glade is a being without certainty and a now without expectation. This clearing away, this levelling, this scorched garden now holds within its womb fresh shoots ~ evolution's way of life reasserting itself into being. It is the seed awaiting to be born. It it the potential in every moment for everything to change, irrevocably. It is pain, blood, tears. It is joy. It is life. It is what it means to be human.

First Book of Urizen pl. 10
Everything is an attempt / to be human
First Book of Urizen pl. 10 1796, circa 1818

Photos and text by Shehani Kay. Two of the eight lost watercolours with handwritten inscriptions by William Blake that were recently discovered and acquired by Tate Britain. Currently on display at Blake and the Romantic Imagination (Room T3).


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