Dec 10, 2010

A kiss to light up a tree

A kiss under the kissmas tree
Some may call it puro cheeso of the gag inducing variety. Others may roll their eyes and deem it mawkish and sentimental. But I find it a sweet interactive installation that gets us to make kisses, not disses, yo. The Kissmas Tree in Covent Garden is rigged up to harness the enormous power of 'a kiss under the mistletoe', send its electric current spiralling up the wires that festoon the large Christmas tree sitting in the piazza and spark it to life with twinkling lights. Ohh ahh. Pretty lights. I've always been a fan of the kiss under mistletoe and I'm happy to see it used here to light up the night. Definitely one of the Christmassy highlights in London this season. ho ho ho. Merry Kissmas.


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