Aug 19, 2008

A cluster of street art in Lavapiés

A faceless building under renovation on Calle Santa Isabel has become the canvas for various street artists.

This surreal multi-faced piece says "Let fly your dreams, fears and imagination."

A collaboration of a few artists in three panels.
Translates roughly to "To call attention, you didn't have to shout at him."

These weird floppy faces are the trademark of Rallito-x. This prolific artist has his posters all over the streets of Madrid. Photos of his street art gallery are available on his myspace. He's quite impressive. I recommend taking a look at his work.

A work in progress? Rallito-X and others collaborate.


Anonymous said...

You know I am a sucker for this kind of stuff!

Shehani said...

:) I'm glad you like it! there's lots of good street art here.

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