Sep 10, 2008

spitting ice cubes

At around 1 am this morning the sky over Madrid spat out a violent torrent of ice cubes that shattered car windows and destroyed plants. Terra cotta rooftops sung in a frenzied cacophony of tings and pings. We had to close our metal shutter to prevent hail from crashing into our apartment. When we opened our door to take photos, we were pelted in the head and arms and our floor was quickly covered in white ice pebbles. Some even made it as far as our couch across the room!

what force!
my neighbour's unfortunate garden
the balcony hallway facing the interior courtyard of our corrala.
getting a handful


Lesley said...

Wow! Scary. Mother nature knows how to get our attention.

Shehani said...

Yup, got my attention alright :) Nature sure is sublime in its awesome power. My bro lives in Baton Rouge and the storms he's been through.. freaks me out. seems like every year he's got to batten down the hatches...

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