Oct 2, 2008

How crowded is the Madrid Metro at rush hour?

It gets so crowded that the other day an old Spanish man's pot belly fit snugly into the small of my back and I was glad that his rotundity kept his other parts from touching me.

It gets so crowded that sometimes you leave the Metro damp with the sweat of others.

OK, so maybe it's not in anyway as crowded as say Japan, where they have guys in uniforms called Oshiyas (pushers) who shove commuters into the trains, but it can get pretty squishy here. Got crowded Metro stories of your own? Please share them. 


BarcelonaMan said...

It's pretty crowded when you enter the metro car with ironed clothing and leave with wrinkled clothing.

Personally, I avoid metro rush hours like the plague. I can't stand it either. Sometimes you just have to push in with the others because you're in a hurry. Other times, depending on your psyche at the time the metro arrives in the station, you just have to shake your head and wait for the next one.


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Shehani said...

Hey Barcelonaman, how fortunate that you have the luxury of avoiding the Metro at rush hour. You are a lucky ducky.

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