Jan 30, 2009

Slow Rides at the Amusement Park

I was surprised to discover that my instinctual reaction to free fall and rollercoaster rides is no longer to scream. I laugh instead. I laugh until tears stream from my eyes. I got some free passes to the Parque de Atracciones from a generous student so I decided to return to the thrill seeking days of my youth for a few hours. We first went on the Lanzadera (63 meter drop at 80 km/hr) and I loved it. I would've gone again again, but M wasn't into it.

Next we went on the Tarantula, a crazy rollercoaster 25 meters high and 700 meters in length with carriages that twist arbitrarily 360 degrees at 70 km/hr. That ride was a little too much fun for us. I laughed a lot while M swore. But weirdly enough, it was the classic swing carousal that actually did us in and left us feeling quite ill. After that we went on the slow rides...

We enjoyed the view from the good ole Ferris Wheel..

Then we toured the grounds on the slow moving Zepplin.

While the amusement park was fun for a few hours, I think this experience has reminded me that my thrill seeking days on puke inducing rides are firmly behind me.. bring on the slow rides!


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