Sep 15, 2009

come ride with me

Photo manipulation by me. The original photo was taken by me in Montmartre, Paris.

i recently had someone take something creative i did for fun and turn it into a giant pain in my ass. why some people feel it's ok to attack what you do and how you do it then throw up their hands and hide behind thinly veiled claims of simple curiosity is really beyond me. but have no fear dear reader, while i may have lost my inspiration momentarily as i reeled from the stench of bullshit, i have now remounted the scooter and i'm off to explore creative places with a few new tools in my trunk. hazaar!


Te said...

Hey! I think the photo looks great, I love the faded/dated effect. Oh, I Love Montamarte, I went there before I saw Amelie and now whenever I watch that film it reminds me of being there. So does your photo. Glad to read you're not letting the haters get you down.

Shehani said...

Thanks Te!! J'adore Montmartre aussi, oui oui! It's just so damn romantic in a dreamy nostalgic way. Once you ignore the throngs of tourists that is... I'm glad you feel I captured a little of that magic in my photo. :)
as for the haters... i'm currently working on turning poison into fuel. zoom zoom.

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