Nov 13, 2009

A ramble around Lavapiés

Hola Guapos! Today I'm the guest blogger over at travel writer, Anja's blog everthenomad. Anja approached me about writing a guest post on Madrid and so I decided to give a little good hype to my favorite barrio, Lavapiés.

Here's an excerpt:

This is probably the only barrio in the Spanish capital where you can see a mix of Moroccan, Chinese, Latin American, Bangladeshi and Senegalese people sitting around a plaza bench chatting together amicably. There seems to be a fine balance here, in which no one racial group is dominant so everyone simply lives together as a community. Beyond the diverse immigrant population, the Gypsies and the Spanish abuelos, Lavapiés is also home to tons of artists and musicians. I once saw a cheeky artist spray paint some of the ubiquitous dog poop gold then stick it with a toothpick sign that read: 5/1000, as if it were a part of an art series.

Happy Friday all!


sirio said...

I can't wait to get back to the Barrio. Sai will be joining me there in June and since she has been reading your blog now and then, she's keen on meeting you.

So we are both hoping that you aren't planning on going anywhere...I also tried to encourage Mike to make a return.

Shehani said...

I'll still be in the barrio in June for sure. seguro. after that depends on the outcome of something i've got cooking. how's that for mysterious.

sirio said...

Really? You know I always want the cooking to turn out well, but I was also hoping that I would be able to enjoy your neighbourly company. Oh well, I hope you fill me in though...

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