Apr 23, 2010

Viaducto de Segovia and her dark souls

Viaducto de Segovia I
Viaducto de Segovia II
Viaducto de Segovia III
Viaducto de Segovia crosses Calle de Segovia and is a part of Calle Bailen.

The original wood and iron viaduct was constructed in 1874 in order to create a major thoroughfare that linked the Royal Palace and the Basilica San Francisco el Grande. It was rebuilt in concrete in 1934 by Ferrero, Aracil and Aldaz. In 1942, after the Spanish Civil War, the viaduct was once again rebuilt due to its terrible state of deterioration.

According to Madrid occult stories, suicides began showing up in the newspapers shortly after the construction of this viaduct. Authorities tried to prevent this rash of suicides by putting up a mesh so that people couldn't jump, but unfortunately, despite their best efforts, people still found ways to do themselves in. There are legends of ghosts wandering around and some say these tragic souls can still be heard wailing and crying.

To this day, suicides and accidents continue to haunt this bridge. Some deaths are due to recklessness, others because of drunkenness, and yet others jump willing, unable to assuage the great darkness that consumes their soul.

All photography by Shehani Kay


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I feel really drawn to the 'suicide' bridge, though I'm not really sure why. It brings up conflicting emotions with its homeless dwellers, great views, greenery and cool minimalist glass partitions keeping us from leaning on its handrails while taking in the views.

Has to be said, they must have built it like crap in 1934 if it was buggered by 1942. Maybe it was damaged during the civil war. Explains the ugliness factor though.

I like commenting on your posts, it makes up for my inability to sit down and write stuff for my blog.

Shehani said...

yes, the plexiglass is certainly prohibitive for over-leaning.

And in defense of the architects of the 30s version,
I believe that since it was a Republican project, it was likely neglected and probably damaged during the war.

I enjoy reading your comments on my blog. Thanks for interacting with me :) But as for posting on your own blog, hombre, venga ya!

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