Apr 30, 2010

Sunday Flowers and Other Bliss

Sunday Flowers and Other Bliss
The reflection of my neighbour's flowers upon the glass of my balcony door last Sunday morning. This image caught my eye as I was sitting in my antique armchair, writing in my moleskine, getting kissed by the sun and licked by a delicious wind. This was a moment of bliss for me.

A couple days ago I discovered that one of my photos and caption appeared in The New Yorker Online and this was a heady surprise. Forever more I can say my work has appeared in The New Yorker under the caption, "Great images of books from around the world and the Web." (!!) I am beyond thrilled and this delightful bit of randomness and luck has reminded me that life is full of amazing richness. Things invisible to our eyes are perpetually swirling around us. We navigate but we don't actually control a lot of life. What's important is that we keep on doing what we love to do, and if we keep on following our bliss, as Joseph Campbell said, doors will open where we would not have thought there would be doors. This week The New Yorker's door opened to me and it was breathtaking.

Happy Friday everyone! Stay inspired and keep on keeping on!

Photography by Shehani Kay


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