Sep 23, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

keep calm graffiti mashup
keep calm graffiti mashup
keep calm mouse mashup
It's been a dark week full of doubt and despair. I've been struggling with the need to hold on to my authentic creative self and my physical self that cannot remain a starving artist forever. Mama needs to eat, yo.

Since moving to London, I've seen those ubiquitous WWII propaganda posters encouraging us to Keep Calm and Carry On. I know there's a level of irony to them now, but I was getting really tired of seeing them until, I decided to use it in my mashup of London street art. The fit seemed natural.

I'm happy with the results and I'll be selling them at my market stall in Brick Lane in the coming weeks. I know I'm not alone in this rickety boat called life and so I've chosen to take this message of carrying on because I still can, to heart. The only bombs over my London are the ones that come from the shadowy corners of my mind.

All photography and mash up by Shehani Kay. Original graffiti #1 & #3 found on the towpath on Regent's Canal. Original graffiti #2 found in Shoreditch.


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