Sep 17, 2010

A Time Traveller's Jaunt to Medieval England

Come with me down the path of ages...
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ a path in the woods
down to the middle ages where this maiden sits under tree in a rune circle
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ maiden under a tree
Where Chaucer awaits to tell us his tales
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~chaucer storyteller
And the master of a mouse circus smiles at us from behind curious wooden spectacles.
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ mice master
While Hagrid watches on
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ hagrid
Right now, peasants are watching over their baby in sight of a castle
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ watching baby
and women prepare their supper around the fire
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ preparing dinner
but there are others who look on at the splendour of Herstmonceux Castle and wonder what treasures lay inside
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ castle
Some armies are more than curious. A battle to siege the castle is brewing and this dog guards his master's amour
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ guard dog
The men march off into the battle field
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ marching into battle
And the battle begins
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ battle
This knight is left standing, a respite in between the fighting but in the end, someone will surely lose their head...
Herstmonceux Medieval Festival ~ battle

I have to say, going to a living history medieval festival with a real castle and elaborate grounds is really magical. No mere dress up for freaks and geeks, this festival transported me back in time. It was wonderful and inspiring and fun.

Herstmonceux Castle, a 15th century moated castle nestled within the Sussex countryside, is the magical setting where history comes to life during the annual Medieval festival held every August bank holiday. At present, this Castle has a Canadian connection. In 1993 Herstmonceux Castle was acquired by Drs Alfred and Isabel Bader and given to Queen's University of Canada. It is now an International Study Centre attracting students from around the world.

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt to the middle ages with me. Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

All photography by Shehani Kay.


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