Feb 11, 2011

Lunar Fest Fish, Lights, Love Lost and New Beginnings

This year's ocean themed Lunar Fest features a lantern aquarium inside tents outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. I had intended to see this exhibition last Saturday but the queue proved prohibitive so I decided to try again yesterday. No line up!

Sky Fish @ Lunar festival
These sky fish lanterns in the ocean heart section were made by children from across the lower mainland.

Jelly fish @ Lunar festival
A Jelly fish at the coral castle.

Swimming with the fish @ Lunar festival
Swimming with the fishes in the paper fantasea section of the exhibition.

I've had a strange week. On Wednesday, my heart was broken by someone I love and my dreams were trod upon by a heavy stomping foot. The very next day, I had to put my smile on and my heart back in my chest — excitement about my new job writing for a gaming company really does deserves the full attention of my plump, beating heart. Doors open. Door close. Other doors open. "Fearless though in pain, I travel on." (William Blake)

A Prayer for Love
As for the boy who had love in his hands but threw it away... As. You. Wish. I said a little prayer for you, and now I let you go.

All photography by Shehani Kay


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