Jun 11, 2011

Go Go Canucks-mobile

We spotted this elaborately decorated, über ode to the Canucks while driving in the West End during last night's hockey game. When I jumped out of the car to snap pics of this amazing kitsch-laden altar, a cacophony of cheers erupted. The Canucks had finally scored a goal!
Go Canucks-mobile 1
Go Canucks-mobile 2
Go Canucks-mobile 3
Go Canucks-mobile 4
Go Canucks-mobile 5
Go Canucks-mobile 6
This bedizened VW Bug is so over the top, it's beautiful! It's definitely the best piece of street art I've seen in Vancouver! Kudos to the fan(s) who obviously put countless hours into this creation! You are awesome! And your car is fucking RAD!

Even though I'm not a hockey fan (yes, this is why I was on the street and not in front of the TV during Game 5), this car made me want to cheer, Go Canucks!


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