Jul 7, 2011

It's been a very long journey

Sunset beach on July 6th
I left Madrid a year ago yesterday. I left London 6 months ago yesterday. And it is only now (3 countries and 1 year later) that I sleep in my own bed, in my own space again. Yes, it's been a long journey to find a home and I've had a lot of help from friends and strangers along the way. I couldn't have predicted the way this story has unfolded when I packed up my life in Madrid and got on a plane to London. But here I am. I now live in Davie Village (the gayaborhood in Vancouver) and I have a Queen in the closet - a queen mattress in the closet of my bachelor pad (◕‿-)

I celebrated this ending by sitting on Sunset Beach writing & taking photos with the sun on my face, my feet buried in warm sand, the water stretched out in front of me and a thick log against my back!

I am awfully curious about where this next journey will take me...


paula devi said...

the journey never ends. ain't that grand?
Your work is so alive, amazing.

Shehani said...

Indeed!! Thanks so much :)

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