Sep 16, 2008

Keeping the horribles at bay: an interview with Honeybottom pt 2

Today's post is part 2 of 4 in the series on depression, Keeping the horribles at bay: an interview with Honeybottom.

How can changes in diet, exercise and sleeping habits help to relieve depression?
Well, we've touched briefly on toxins in food as being able to induce states of depression. Toxins are used on our food as fertilizer, insecticide, ripening agents, ant-ripening agents, preservatives, and in processing. Eat as much organic as you can get your hands on, or afford, or grow. Stay away from genetically altered food: it's molecular matrices do not fit with our own and will not promote life. Over eating will cause the bowel to back up, toxins flowing freely back into the bloodstream. Fasting will cause the body to move into healing mode, if the body is strong enough it will try to unload toxins from the tissues into the bloodstream for removal from the body. A cleansing body can put one into a state of depression while it deals with scarring thought patterns, and mental blockages which have manifested into physical disease processes. Healing begins from the head down from the inside to the outside from the highest priority area (most life threatening) then onto the next highest priority. So, if you're going to be cleansing or improving your diet make sure you have back up support (someone checking in with you) the toxins leave your system it may be rough.

Exercise is essential for us as organisms; oxygenation of all tissues is a must. Oxygen to the brain increases alertness and helps us to engage more fully in the moment. Our biological and physical make-up make movement essential to life. Lymph flow is not dependant upon a pump, like the circulatory system, but it depends on us physically moving; that's why trampolines and re-bounders are health inducing. Lymph nodes contain large number of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes act against foreign particles, such as bacterial cells and viruses, carrying them back to the node and there special cells engulf and destroy all foreign substances, damaged cells and cellular debris.

Sleep is usually something we are all short of. We know that the Earth's low frequency iso-electric field, the Earth's magnetic field and our own electrical emanations are all closely interwoven. They affect and interact with each other and any subtle change can be detected by all. We might not know what we are registering, but perhaps that just takes practise. Earthquakes and electrical storms are registered by the planet as global. They are registered by you too, even if you are never aware of it. Disturbances on the planet can affect us negatively or positively. It is interesting to note that when there is earthquake activity there is an increase in anxiety in the population, an increase in UFO sightings and feelings of being watched are prevalent amongst study groups. Earthquakes release a large amount of energy into the planets atmosphere and, after all, we are electrical creatures. Basically, what sleep is, is a series of alternating currents which help dislodge stagnant energies and recharge or absorb energy. Low frequencies, which are produced from light sleep or meditation right up to deepest dreamless sleep or the deepest meditation, are essential to our health. These frequencies can cause environmental synchronization and trigger the release of a growth hormone which is important for healing and regeneration and allow feelings of profound peace.
In the part 3, Professor Honeybottom will talk about lifestyle changes and self help strategies in coping with depression. So stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this referance, The more equiped the better the choices.

Strangely enough I had food poisoning two days after you, though mine was stupidity - cocido with chicken steak and sausage carried around for 9hrs at room temperature.

as for fitness/exercise, I have tried a few different sun salutations and have one that definately works better for controlled deep breathing if you are interested- next time we meet up I'll bring it along.

hope all is ok with you two. markx

Shehani said...

we had 2 am doners. don't recommend it...

I'm interested in this sun salutation.. we'll catch up soon.

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